The storm ahead…What you need to know if your data center (or other mission-critical electronics) was in a Hurricane area.

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  Although the 2017 hurricane season is over and many organizations have restored operations, for some there’s an approaching storm that most won’t recognize until it’s too late.  Organizations that have mission-critical electronics that have been shut down because of power … Read More

Restoring admin operations is not the end-game of disaster recovery

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Many organizations focus only on Task-Critical and Business-Critical operations during the initial stages of disaster recovery.  Organizations have become so entrenched with the IOT (Internet Of Things) throughout their operations that the digital world overshadows the physical world.  Unfortunately, the … Read More

Donut and Discount marketing… at what point does it become unethical (or illegal)?

I posted a blog earlier this week that produced dozens of calls from restoration contractors seeking additional information regarding the services we offer.  I was caught off guard when several of contractors asked me the same question… Can you beat the … Read More

Top 10 reasons why we teach (some) restoration contractors to do what we do for (almost) free…

  Our business model is to develop strategic partnerships with like-minded independent restoration contractors in key markets, versus establishing satellite offices or pursuing the franchise model. We invest in technology, education and partnerships instead of bricks and mortar. We specialize … Read More

Restoration Contractors Gone Wild – Part 2

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Redemption… the only word I can muster to describe how I felt yesterday as I witnessed an Insured admonish an Electronic Restoration “Specialist” that clearly didn’t do their homework.  It’s refreshing to finally have someone other than myself calling-out the … Read More

Rule #2 for success in restoring mission-critical assets

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  Talking the talk will only get you so far in the business of recovery mission-critical assets.  At some point you need to deliver.  For some organizations, the “talk” and the “walk” are reasonably presented and balanced.  They live up … Read More

A Matter of Ethics: Facing the Fear of Doing the Right Thing

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Deep in your brain there is a little nugget of tissue called the amygdala.  It’s roughly the shape and size of an almond.  It’s the part of the brain that handles identifying things that scare you and things that make … Read More

When the cure is worse than the disease…

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Several months following a minor incident in a data center (power supply smoldered) unexplained short circuits were plaguing electronic equipment.  After confirming that the failures were not associated with any residual contaminates introduced by the recent incident, we conducted a … Read More

Restoration contractors gone wild!

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You’d think that someone claiming to specialize in equipment restoration would understand basic math and economics. Third time in as many weeks that I’ve witnessed technicians “restoring” keyboards valued at $10. Even using their logic (“we only took 5 minutes to restore … Read More

6 Components of Large Machinery/Equipment Recovery Projects

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  Regardless of complexity, all large recovery projects involving industrial equipment/machinery assets can be broken down into  a series of small task-specific components.  The 6 basic components identified below provides a solid foundation to initiate and control the recovery process. … Read More

5 Golden Rules of communicating with OEM’s after a disaster

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  Relying upon the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or their representatives to provide unchallenged loss assessments generally results in unjustified replacements and excessive claim settlements.  I have found that over 80% of equipment/machinery that OEM’s declare as “irreparable” are, in … Read More

Coming clean in a dirty industry – Part 2

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  Topping the list of “things the restoration contractor doesn’t want you to know” is that an Insured can (and often times should) elect to pocket the money instead of paying the restoration contractor to restore equipment assets.   I encountered an interesting … Read More

Coming clean in a dirty industry – Part 1

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Consider this scenario… A full-service precision machine and fabrication shop experiences a small fire in one of its CNC Machining Centers. The fire was quickly extinguished, but produced a light smoke residue dispersed throughout the facility. The Insurance Company dispatched an Adjuster … Read More